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Our Store Collection

        Copper Mask Function


  • Copper fabric is excellent in preventing infection of respiratory diseases.

  • It PROTECTS fine dust, harmful substances (all kinds of germs)

  • Affordable as a washable, reusable mask.

  • Copper fabric is 99 .9% anti-bacterial, 0.893 µm far-infrared radiation and excellent absorption rate.

  • The fabric is anti-wrinkle, has good elasticity, cushioning, and heat barrier effect.

  • It’s a smart fashion mask and comes in multiple colors.

  • An ergonomic mask designed to fit the human face, covering the face with ease.

  • Up to 99% UV protection. Quick-drying for comfortable use.

  • Excellent flexibility for both men, women, and children. Comes in 4 different sizes.

  • Reversible so can be used  front and back.

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