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Have any questions, here you can find some of your answers.

KF94 (N951 FFP2, KN95 etc) Masks are for protection against yellow dust and fine dust.

In other words, they are not intended to prevent viruses or germs. KF9.4 Mask means that it can filter out more than 94% of fine particles measuring 0..4µ. But the size of the Corona 19 virus is about 100 to 300nm. So, of course, the virus goes through. Viruses can pass through KF9-4 masks as well as through Masks available all over the world.

When the corona virus first appeared, it created a sense of fear because no one knew what it was. Over time, as it turns out even if you do not have to use KF94 mask; Corona can be prevented with a Mask that prevents droplet infection.

Copper fiber, an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory fiber, is a futuristic Fiber that takes into account bacterial infection prevention, respiratory protection and freshness through 99.9% anti-bacterial,

0.893 µm far-infrared radiation and UV protection functions.

COPFAB COPPER MASK also has the effect of preventing droplet infection. Copper fabric has anti- bacterial, deodorization and far- infrared radiation functions.

The selection of the mask depends on how you view its functions. The final decision is made by the buyer and the customer.

COPPER FIBER MASKS are better than any other mask.

  • Copper fabric is excellent in preventing infection of respiratory diseases.
  • It PROTECTS fine dust, harmful substances (all kinds of germs)
  • Affordable as a washable, reusable mask.
  • Copper fabric is 99 .9% anbacterial, 0.893 µm far-infrared radiation and excellent absorption rate.
  • Neoplan fabric has little crease, good elasticity, cushion, and heat barrier effect.
  • It is a fashion mask of various colors.
  • An ergonomic mask designed to fit the human face, covering the face with ease.
  • Up to 99% UV protection. Quick drying for comfortable use.
  • Controlled bacterial propagaon that causes odors.
  • Excellent flexibility for both men and women and children.
  • Reversable so can be used front and back.
No. Please refer to the Copper Mask Product Size Chart below
  • Hand wash with lukewarm water below 30 degrees.
  • Dry naturally in the shade to avoid direct sunlight.
  • Use a neutral detergent.
  • Careful of fire; do not iron it.
  • Do not use it outside of its original purpose.
  • Do not use it immediately if there is a problem with it.
  • This product is an industrial product mask, not a medical product for health.
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It will be couriered to you or delivered in case you are residing in New Gurgaon. Standard courier charges apply
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