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The Power of Copper
Before getting into the intricacies and “how-to’s” of wearing and washing our masks, let us
understand the power that Copper holds. To begin with, a new report published in the
journal Lancet found that the Novel-Coronavirus lasted on the outside of a surgical mask for
7 days. That’s why it was advised to replace one’s ordinary disposable masks with copper-
infused masks.
This is because the Power of Copper-Infused Fabrics or fabrics infused with copper ions
are scientifically proven to be antimicrobial, which means anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-
fungal. Moreover, Professor Bill Keevil, University of Southampton, explained in a recent
article, that copper doesn’t just kill the pathogens; it destroys them, right down to the
nucleic acids, or reproductive blueprints, inside. “There’s no chance of mutation or
evolution because all the genes are being destroyed”. In other words, using copper doesn’t
come with the risk of, say, over-prescribing antibiotics.
Copper fabrics are designed to be long-term sustainable and durable, meaning the copper
ions molecularly bonded to the fabrics will not wash away and last the lifetime of the
product.  Therefore, you never need to rely on disposable face masks again – making them
perfect for everyday life from supermarket trips to commuting to work!
Copper is also known to be a common ingredient in anti-aging beauty products given its
properties to promote the production of collagen and elastin for healthier, softer skin!

How to Wear?
Before wearing or taking off your face mask it is good hygiene to wash your hands with
soap and warm water for 20 seconds.

  1. Wash/sanitise your hands before opening the packaging and remove the Mask
  2. Open the Mask and feel for the metal bar, this is the top of the Mask and is designed
    to fit around the bridge of the nose. The Copper Clothing label will be on the left side
    when wearing the Mask.
  3. Pull the ear loops down so the toggle is placed at the bottom of the Mask on both
  4. Move the toggle in towards the Mask for 1-2cms. This is in preparation for fitting the
    Mask perfectly.
  5. Place the Mask on your face. Put the ear loops around your ears, fit the nose bar so it
    is moulded around the bridge of your nose.
  6. Finally pull in the toggles on each ear loop to ensure our personal ergonomic fit.

How to Wash?
The Mask needs to be washed in distilled or cooled boiled water. Do not use any washing
liquid or detergents
Step 1: Place the Mask in a bowl ensuring that the elastic ear loops and toggles are
Step 2: Add distilled water or boiled water that has been left to rest for 15 minutes
to the bowl
Step 3: Submerse the face mask fully into the bowl for at least 5 minutes whilst
gently massaging, NOT hard rubbing
Step 4: Squeeze out excess water and lay the face mask flat to dry naturally
Stubborn stains such as makeup will not be removed, please bear this in mind when
wearing the mask. It may appear to be unsightly but it is a personal mask to you as long as
you wash it as we have suggested, once a week or after 30 -40 hours of wear, it will not
detract from the performance of your mask.

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