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Anti Bacterial Korean copper masks multi size grey copy | copfab

COPFAB Anti-microbial Korean Copper Masks – Grey


COPFAB Copper Masks are Highly functional, portable and comfortable face mask made with an environment-friendly porous material which ensures smooth breathing, perfect for daily indoor and outdoor use giving you 99.9% protection against Virus and Bacteria and with the unique DWR technology protects you from Droplet Infections. So, let’s HACK this pandemic by using COPFAB MASKS

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Patented Copper Coating Certified Technology, brought to you from South Korea- the leaders in the fight against COVID-19 Pandemic. This premium mask contains infused copper ions which protect you against viruses. We harnessed the antiviral properties of copper to make the safest, most comfortable face mask in the market today.

COPFAB Anti-Microbial Copper Mask – Unlike other products made with copper threads, the layers of a COPFAB Mask are completely coated with a patented copper coating, giving an outstanding antimicrobial effect. Copper ions infused in the threads to provide long term effectiveness & exert super antimicrobial performance against various bacteria. Copper Coating effectively kills 99% of bacteria and prevents virus proliferation and reduces odour. Filters harmful dust, and nano airborne particles.

COPFAB Masks come in a variety of colours, all available on our website.

Product Weight: 3g-7g (depending on size)

Made with porous and environmentally friendly fabrics that ensure comfortable and smooth breathing, with its filtering function of 99% and the portable and stylish design is perfect for all occasions.

-Anti-microbial & sterilizing function
-Protection from UV rays
-Eco Textiles

-Microcurrent technology
-Layered mask, including patented ionized copper yarn
-Anti-microbial function up to 99.9%
-Tested anti-odour
-Washable and re-usable New Innovative material Copper used
-Environmentally friendly product
-Micro-dust protective fibre
-After adding disposable filter can reach PFE99.6% and VFE99.9%

Made in Korea
Size: Small-Adult & Medium
Colour: PINK

-Made in Korea
-Legitimize by KF94
-3-layer filter
-Comfortable wearing
-Proven to block 92% of 0.3-micron-sized particle.
-HEPA Filter is for added protection, can be used in haze conditions such as forest fires.
-It is for PM2.5, BFE, PFE tested 99.9%

Copper is known for killing microbes and has been shown to help limit the spread of E. coli, salmonella, and influenza.

Over 5000 years, the longevity method of ancient medicine in India “Ayurveda”, recommends Copper Therapy in which stored water in Copper-made kettles overnight and used to drink it in the morning for a healthy life.

Furthermore, through research on the relationship between respiratory viruses such as MERS, SARS, etc., scientists found that exposure to Copper can help prevent and reduce the risk of infection. The copper fabric reduces allergies and infections caused by asthma and dust mites through antibacterial and self-sterilizing functions. Patented technology prevents contaminants such as dust and pollen.

  • Materials: Made with Copper fibre, an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory fibre which is a futuristic Fibre that takes into account bacterial infection prevention, respiratory protection and freshness through 99.9% anti-bacterial, 0.893µm far-infrared radiation and UV protection functions
  • Also made with soft, breathable fabric, these face covers from COPFAB are comfortable, washable, and reusable so you can practise healthy habits every day

Additional Information:

  • Please note: This cover is not a medically graded mask or to be used as Personal Protective Equipment
  • They can help prevent the spread of viruses and germs through droplet transmission
  • You can easily wash and dry for daily use
  • The flexible material and stretch bands around the ears provide coverage, comfort, and ease of use
  • Washing Instructions: Hand Wash
  • Comes with BIOBRIC ANTIVIRUS MASK PATCH, with which you can replace patches in the masks making the same mask reusable for another 5 times with each individual patch

Safety Warning: Designed for personal use only. Not to be used in replacement of or as a substitute to PPE.  The Very Group makes no claims about the medical benefits of using this product.

*The Copper-line masks are non-exchangeable or refundable due to hygiene purposes


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