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PHYTALL (70% ETHYL Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel) - copfab

PHYTALL (70% ETHYL Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel)

295.00 245.00

PHYTALL (70% ETHYL Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel) | Effective Against 99.99% of Germs | Immediate Protection.

Availability: 499 in stock

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  • EFFECTIVE AGAINST 99.99% OF GERMS – our products kill 99.99% of germs, viruses, and pathogens. Protect yourself with an easy to use Push Pump sanitizer
  • IMMEDIATE PROTECTION – our hand sanitizers kill 99.99 of germs immediately on application
  • MOISTURE BOOST – sanitizer that doesn’t dry out your hands and is less irritating than soap


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