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Shycocan: Covid-19 Neutraliser - copfab

Shycocan: Covid-19 Neutraliser


100% SAFE, No emission of radiation that is harmful to humans or the environment.

EFFECTIVE, Disables Coronavirus by 99.9% in enclosed spaces.

PLUG & PLAY, Easy installation, just switch on for safety and no consumables.

ROBUST, Silently safeguarding you.

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Product Specifications

Effectiveness 99.9% effective against Coronavirus
Dimensions Length – 250mm, Diameter – 260mm
Cooling Air 64 CFM
Power Rating 40 W
Coverage Area* 10,000 Cubic Feet OR 1,000 sq. ft. in enclosed space
Ozone Emission BDL (Below Detectable Limit)
Body Shell Dielectric material
Product Weight 6.5 kg Max/9.5 kg Max
Installation Wall mount
Life Cycle 5 years

 Product Effectiveness

Effectiveness: 99.9% effective against Coronavirus
Utility: Continuous functioning
Side Effects: No side effects
Effect: Both Air Borne and Surface
Conditions: All conditions
Sizes: Multiple products for large spaces
Consumables: One time installation-no consumables

How does it work??

Coronavirus is a Positive-Sense virus, whose S-Protein attaches to the human cell through the ACE2 receptors due to the opposite charge. All human cells have a negative potential (about -40mV to -70mV). The virus infuses its RNA into the cells and starts to multiply, infecting the body.

Shycocan continuously emits photons that form an electron cloud in an indoor space. The negatively charged electrons neutralize the positive charge of the S-Protein of Coronavirus, thereby disabling it from infecting a person.


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