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Copper Masks: A Promising Weapon Against COVID-19 - copfab

Copper Masks: A Promising Weapon Against COVID-19

Face masks made with copper are becoming increasingly popular, and people are buying more and more copper masks to help them protect against the coronavirus pandemic. Known for their anti-viral properties, here we’ll discern if copper masks work better.

How Copper kills Germs?

Copper is known for killing microbes and has been shown to help limit the spread of E. coli, salmonella, and influenza.

According to Karrera Djoko, a biochemist and microbiologist at Durham University, when copper comes into contact with a germ, it has the ability to release reactive ions that puncture the exterior of the germ. The ions can then access the inside of the germ, affecting its genetic material.

Furthermore, research done by Michael Schmidt, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the Medical University of South Carolina, suggests that copper’s ability to fight viruses is like a “grenade.” When the metal interacts with oxygen, it creates a very reactive molecule known as a free radical, which comes into contact with a virus and causes it to “literally explode,” Schmidt said.

Literature supports that copper inactivates coronavirus and almost all other respiratory viruses on contact

Recent studies made about protection and safety against the COVID-19 disease- a severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus (SARS-CoV)- have found that Copper, in different formats, can prove beneficial and help reduce the risk of bacterial and viral contamination:

  • Copper destroys the replication and propagation abilities of SARS-CoV, influenza, and other respiratory viruses, having high potential disinfection in hospitals, communities, and households.
  • Copper can eliminate pathogenic organisms such as coronavirus bacterial strains, influenza virus, HIV, and fungi after a short period of exposure.
  • Copper seems to be an effective and low-cost complementary strategy to help reduce the transmission of several infectious diseases by limiting nosocomial infectious transmission.
  • Copper oxide or nano-compounds may be used as filters, face masks, clothing, and hospital common surfaces to reduce viruses and bacterial incubation.

So, it’s safe to say that CopFab’s Copper Masks are here to stay

A product like CopFab Anti-bacterial Copper Mask could prove critical during this coronavirus outbreak. For starters, wearing a copper mask could help prevent the spread of the virus when people are out in public. In addition to that, one 2010 study in the scientific journal PLOS One that looked at copper masks to reduce the spread of influenza seems to support this idea.”(Copper) masks may significantly reduce the risk of hand or environmental contamination, and thereby subsequent infection, due to improper handling and disposal of the masks,” it concluded.

Undoubtedly, copper masks can help you in preventing the COVID-19 infection better than any other mask. So, don’t wait. Be one of us, be part of the CopFab Community! And stay stylish while being safe! Get your Copper mask now.

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